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P.C. (Perfect Choice)

P.C. (Price Comparison)

The argument for gaming on a PC rather than a console is a pretty convincing one.
If you’ve got a modern gaming PC it will almost certainly bring more horsepower to the table than its console cousins, of course the down side to this is that a decent gaming PC is also likely to cost a lot more than a “Box of X” or a “Station of Play.”

This price of entry (amongst countless other things) contributes to the current ...


​Because sometimes reviews just aren't enough...

Bring on the Zen

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie,

Real life can be crappy, it's a fact.

After many years of research I've decided that the reason for this "crappyness" is other people with their expectations and their feelings... ugghhh... people.

They always seem to want something from you don't they?

Strangers, friends, family they've all got their own agenda, it doesn't matter where you are either.

School, work or home there's no escaping it, if there are other people around then sooner or later they'll ...