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Sometimes life doesn’t suck

It’s not all bad news; maybe you’ve beaten the odds and opened your eyes onto a weekend.
 48 hours of possibility where hopefully at least some of the time will be your own to spend as you choose.
So what do you do with this small slice of freedom?

There are always plenty of sensibly boring chores demanding your attention, but you’ve wasted all week being forced into an existence of boring sensibility, now is the time to escape from all that.

This is your time and it’ll be over before you know it, you should waste it wisely...

Sometimes life sucks

Waking up in the morning can suck, there you were sitting in your X-Wing, happily dreaming of saving the galaxy (or something else if you're not a Star Wars nerd) then it all fades away.

You might experience a few disorientating seconds of blissful ignorance before consciousness drags you back to the waking world, but then your day begins and it’s all downhill from there.

Sure, some days are better than others, you might be waking up to a weekend which hopefully means no school, college or work for you, those are the good ones.

The problem is that statistically, when you open your eyes in the morning, it’s probably not a weekend. There’s over a 71% chance that you’re emerging into a week day, which on its own is likely enough to make your heart sink.

A day of being forced to do things you’d really rather not be doing awaits you, your time isn’t your own, it’s stolen from you by “The Man”, another day you’ll never get back spent learning things you’ll never need to know or working to make your superiors rich and fat whilst you struggle to survive on the pittance they laughingly call your salary.

There’s a 71.4% chance that when consciousness tears you away from your slumber that something like this is coming your way.
That’s a 71.4% chance that when you wake up, your day is going to suck.

Waste it Wisely

... and we can’t think of a wiser way to unwind than disappearing down the rabbit hole that is P.C. gaming and staying there for as long as possible, but there are still decisions to be made, so many games to play, so little time...

Clone Wars

That’s what we’re here for, to help you navigate through the good, the bad and the ugly of P.C. gaming.
Our reviews aim to Inform, educate and entertain.

(If it's a good enough remit for the BBC then it's good enough for us!)

Sure, there are bigger gaming sites out there, their corporate machines tempting you in with click bait articles and cookie cutter reviews, but that’s not us, Review-Well is something different, our goal isn't to make money, in fact  we don't expect anything in return at all!

We're not the evil empire forcing you to submit to pop ups and endure adverts to cheapen your experience.
(those aren't the sites you're looking for)

We like to think of ourselves as the rebel alliance of PC game reviews.

​Time is precious, waste is wisely

Reviews, Well...

You'll find no adverts or external links trying to scam you out of your hard earned cash here, just games reviewed well (and maybe a little off topic rambling from time to time).

Talking of which, It's time I stopped rambling and let you get on with what you came here for...

... the reviews are waiting, you should read a couple, then go play a game whilst you've still got time!

May the "weekend" be with you, always.